Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

9 th to 10 th of July 2016 - Where have all the Chandlery's gone?

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Maggoty Bank.
Distance : 9 miles

After a leisurely breakfast in a cafe on the quay, we left the marina and tacked up The Carrick Roads. It was lovely and gentle and made a change from the wind and bouncy seas. Unfortunately our peaceful sojourn was interrupted by a helicopter undertaking some training. A number of people were being winched up and down as we headed north.

Once in the river Fal the wind died, so we motored up and found somewhere to anchor, not far from Malpas.

The following day we decided to take the tender to Malpas where we went ashore and walked along the river to Truro. We had thought about taking the tender the whole way, but thought it might be rather muddy arriving at Truro around low water. After checking online, we were led to understand there would be a chandlery. Sadly, all we found was an empty shop of for sale. We found some things that we needed in Lakeland (a tuppaware to protect out anchor light as the cover fell off last night), Halfords (A padlock for the outboard so we don't have to carry the battery with us when we go ashore) and the Coop (teabags). Unfortunately we needed some electrical connectors for our AIS and these would require a chandlery. The problem we are having with our AIS is as follows: We keep getting VSWR alarms indicating there is a problem with the cable. This means we are only able to see other boats as we are currently are leaving the transmitter off so we can't be seen by other boats.

It was quite windy and slightly drizzly so we were happy to be tucked up the river waiting for a weather window to take us to The Scilly Isles.




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