Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

9 th of July 2017 - Ribadeo

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Ribadeo.
Distance : 53 miles

We set our alarm clock for 0530. Knowing that it doesn't get light until quite late, we took our time with breakfast and preparing Speedwell to leave. We were heading down the river by 0630, just as it became light. We were called on VHF by Puerto Avilés, asking us what our intentions were and details of the boat. She seemed very friendly, but we suspect she was quite bored at that time of the morning as there wasn't much traffic on the river. The wind was gentle and on our nose so we motor sailed, which we found quite wearing. At around 1200, we stopped the engine and sailed slowly close hauled over our lunch, until we decided we needed to get moving again. We entered Ribadeo, a large shallow river/ria about 1600 and made for the only viable anchorage spot just south of the marina. It would have been a nice place to anchor. Unfortunately it was spring tides and we just couldn't find enough depth to allow for the drop in tide at low water. So it was yet another marina. Ribadeo was the most expensive marina (over €40) we had stayed in so far so we planned to stay just one night. After supper, we walked up the hill into the town. We had turned up on one of the many festival weekends. Festival Indiana, which was a celebration of those people from Ribadeo who had returned from the new world. Everyone was dressed in white and, as usual, there were people of all ages and sizes wandering and chatting, and the bars were full.



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