Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

11 th to 14 th of July 2018 - The Vilaine

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : La Roche-Bernard and Up river.
Distance : 40 miles

We left Turballe after enjoying the dinghies. We were able to tack around the small islands and up to the entrance to the Villaine River. It was after half tide so we didn't need to follow the recommended channels too carefully and sailed most of the way. The lock into the river already had boats in but there was room for us to go on the wall. The Lock keeper was helpful with our lines and we didn't have long to wait before the lock gates were closed. On exiting the lock the other sided we were met by yachts desperate to get into the lock first and getting in the way. One of the first boats out just motored straight across their paths nearly causing a major boat pile up. We hung back and eventually motored slowly up river. We found a lovely spot to anchor a mile before La Roche-Bernard. It was a beautiful quiet evening, we had no tides to worry about and there was very little traffic on the river.


The following day we went ashore for lunch and met a couple who had been in Port Joinville with us. They invited us onboard their boat for supper the following evening. So after a wander around the market and eating lunch we motored up river to explore further, before turning around and finding a peaceful spot to anchor alone with no other boats or houses in sight.


The next day we went back to La Roche-Bernard where we anchored slightly closer to the town this time. The river water was apparently 30 degrees, so Andy decided to swim off the boat. It was great to swim in fresh water for two days in a row so we could forfeit our showers and save some of our precious water which continued to slowly leak from the pressure release valve. We were entertained onboard Eas Mhor in the evening. The next day was Bastille Day. We treated ourselves to a walk over the two bridges, another swim from the boat and then later had dinner out. Later that evening we were in a prime position to watch the fireworks.


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