Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

15 th of July 2018 - Ile Houat

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Ile Houat.
Distance : 28 miles

We set the alarm for 0600 to give us plenty of time to get down river for the first lock opening. We were there 30 minutes early so just hung around hoping we would be the only ones there. Not likely. Gradually boats arrived and jostled for position. As the lock gates opened, I made it clear to a couple of small boats just how heavy we were so that perhaps they didn't want us rafting up on them. "Nous sommes cinquante mil kilo!". Fortunately we were allowed in after one other boat and tied up to the wall. It wasn't quite so straightforward this time. We were told off for picking up the wrong chain and the fact that we didn't have our life jackets on. Any way we left the lock following everyone down river, when we were able to put the sails up and have a great sail toward our next anchorage at Ile Houat, apparently one of the best beaches in Brittany. It was definitely beautiful, sandy and clear. There were lots of yachts at anchor in the shallow bay, but plenty of room. It was a surprisingly gentle night, apart from the shouting from ashore when France won the World Cup. We had a quick row ashore and both had a swim in the lovely water despite it being a freezing 23 degrees.


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