Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

13 th to 15 th of June 2018 - Santander

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Peninsular Magdelena.
Distance : 63 miles

Our alarm was set for 0515 and we slipped our berth easily with the river flowing behind us to get us over the bar and out to sea. There was quite a swell running and the sound of the waves on the beach close by was pretty eerie. We motored the whole way as what little wind there was was dead behind us and the swell meant the sails just flapped as the boat rolled from side to side. As the wind picked up slightly we were able to get the Genoa to help us and we surfed down each wave so we did make an average of 6 knots and arrived in Santander after just 10 hours. We made our way past the lighthouse on and island and anchored just around the headland off the beach.


The following day was sunny but there was little wind so we decided to go ashore and explore Santander. It was a delight. We found an art gallery with an exhibition of Joan Miró sculptures. Many more than we saw in Barcelona. Despite a fire in the 1950s which apparently destroyed many buildings, there was a lovely old town. The biggest grandest building was.... not the town hall.....not the customs house...of course its was the bank. We had a good long walk through the town up the hill (Andy took a ride in the free funicular) and around the peninsular before I had a swim/dip in the sea.


The following day we had intended to go to Bilbao but it was grey, there was no wind and there was still 1.6m of swell. Instead we stayed on the boat pottering.

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