Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

16 th to 17 th of June 2018 - Castro Urdiales

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Castro Urdiales.
Distance : 30 miles

We decided to wait until late morning to leave Santander and headed out to sea getting the last of the ebb. We sailed slowly eastward along the coast and toward Bilbao. Occasionally we used the engine when our speed slowed to 3 knots, but were able to sail for much of the way with little swell. The sun gradually came out and we had lovely views of the cliffs.

At Castro Urdiales we found one of the new visitors moorings, having the choice of 12. It had a little swell but nothing we haven't become accustomed to. We've worked out how to stop various squeaks and bangs now. The old lighthouse and medieval church made a very pretty backdrop to the harbour. 


The following morning we called the yacht club boat and they collected us to go ashore. This is included in the price of the buoy. For €15 this was a great service. They were friendly and helpful and Andy managed to do all the negotiations in his limited Spanish. We enjoyed the morning walking around the town and having various pinchos in the cafes. As it was Sunday it was a hive of activity. The sun was shining, people were jumping off the piers and snorkelling and swimming in the harbour. The numerous bars were bustling and we had a lovely time.


We decided to keep the boat in Castro Urdiales rather than sailing around to Bilbao and the very expensive marinas there. We found out the details of buses into Bilbao for the next day. We had changed our plans since we would save enough money to spend the night in Bilbao and visit the Guggenheim for my birthday treat. Once we get back to the boat we planned to wait, in this really nice spot, for a weather window to cross Biscay.

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