Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

14 th to 15 th of July 2012 - Bangor for Laundry

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Bangor.
Distance : 12 miles

Saturday 14 th July

We left our berth at 0920 and motored into Belfast Lough. Once we were out of the channel, and had let Belfast Harbour Radio know, we put the mizzen and genoa up and had a chilly sail over to Bangor Marina. We were on our berth by 1130 so we were able to make a start on the washing and shopping. The marina has lots of black guillemots, which the marina protects, living in holes in theharbour walls.

Sunday 15 th July

We searched for somewhere for breakfast but had to make do with Cafe Nero's. We didn't search very far as we discovered later. After more washing we then cycled up a long hill to Tesco's where we stocked up with vital provisions. Luckily it was all down hill on the way back.

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