Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

18 th to 19 th of August 2017 - Fog

Crew : And and Helen
Destinations : Nazaré.
Distance : 33 miles


We left Figueira da Foz at first light again with the aim of getting to Peniche before dark. After an hour the fog came down and there was little wind. As we headed further away from land the fog seemed to thicken and it became quite damp. We sounded the horn regularly and kept a watch using our radar.

By lunch time were was no indication that the fog was decreasing so we decided to head to Nazaré. We motored over a very deep trench and the into the bay and harbour. It wasn't that clear where the marina was as our pilot book was out of date. However, after calling up on the radio we were given good instructions and met on a pontoon where we berthed with a choice of which pontoon to tie up to as we just fitted between them.  

The fog continued the following day so we decided to stay for two nights. We headed up the cliff to Sitia by funicular for lunch. We took a peek at the beach where they have recently recorded a surfing wave of 100 foot. Because of the deep submarine trench large waves are funnelled onto the beach just north of Nazaré. Apparently this same trench protects the bay further south from big swells, hence Nazaré remains an all weather harbour.


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