Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

20 th of August 2018 - Around the Lizard to Newlyn

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Gwavas Lake.
Distance : 32 miles

We were up and off our anchor by 0640. It was very foggy so we had the radar on and sounded the horn every couple of minutes. It was reassuring to hear the fog horn from the Lizard as we couldn't see land at all. Initially there was little wind but as we passed Lizard Point we were able to sail. We decided to cut our journey short and leave Lands End until the following day, partly due to the fog and also because we would run out of favourable tide. This meant we had a better apparent wind direction for sailing. We headed toward Newlyn and the fog slowly lifted so that we could just make out the Jubilee Pool at Penzance and St Michaels Mount. We anchored just off the beach behind the Newlyn breakwater. A couple of other boats also came to anchor after seeing us there. It remained pretty overcast.

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