Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

21 st of August 2018 - St Ives

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Carbis Bay.
Distance : 30 miles

We left our anchorage at first light, following a couple of boats leaving Newlyn. One of those boats was Eas Mhor who we first met in Port Joinville and then again in La Roche-Bernard. Visability was poor, but we could just make out the old Penlee lifeboat station and passed close to a small cruise ship anchored off Mousehole. The cliffs around Lands End came and went making for a very atmospheric sail. We passed The Longships lighthouse and Cape Cornwall where we were joined by a group of dolphins, and we were able to make out the big hotel at Lands End. Somewhere we had stayed whilst walking the SWCP.


We were eventually able to make out the St Ives headland. We decided to pass further in and anchor in Carbis Bay where there was plenty of space and shelter. The wind was slightly off shore but forecast to go around to the west so we had hopes for a peaceful night. We were on our own in the anchorage, but joined by a group of women having paddle board lessons and using us as their starting point for racing back to the beach. There was also a large yellow rib doing a circuit of the bay and coming close to us on a regular basis. The train from St Ives went along every few minutes so it was a lively place to be until later in the evening.

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