Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

22 nd of August 2017 - Lisbon

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Marina Parque das Nações.
Distance : 16 miles


When we woke, the fog was down and we could hardly see the boat nearest to us. A good excuse for a leisurely breakfast we thought. By 1100 the fog was lifting and we could see the shore so we weighed anchor in order to head up the river to Lisbon.


The fog was taking longer to lift and we caught it up briefly. After checking with the marina how foggy it was up river we were advised it ws starting to clear so we motored slowly trying to keep the fog in front of us. This was quite difficult initially as the tide was on the flood and giving us a push up river. However as we headed toward the bridge the fog cleared and we got a good view of the Lisbon waterfront. Passing under the bridge saw us reaching 9.2 knots with the tide flowing. 


The marina were expecting us so we radioed to let them know we had arrived. The harbour master came out and led us through the lock gate (Otherwise known as a gate since they just close it at night) We ferry glided into the entrance before making a hard 90 degree turn to starboard and through the gate where we were directed to a pontoon. We were met by 3 marineros who took our lines and tied us up, leaving Andy and I feeling rather superfluous. Obviously, once they disappeared, we refastened all the lines the way we like. We had been told that the marina may have issues with silting. We did have plenty of depth where we were, however, it was clear to me that it was still a problem when  a mallard duck suddenly stood up and started walking.


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