Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

23 rd to 24 th of April 2018 - Galicia at last

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Ensenada de Limens.
Distance : 47 miles

We set our alarm for 0515. We decided to leave as soon as it was light to give us as long as possible before the strong northerly winds started to kick in. Lazy Otter has the same idea and came to chat whilst I was preparing our sails in the dark. The fishing boats still had their nets set across the river. The ends of the nets were lit with green and red lights but the direction of buoyage was not clear. Fortunately we saw one of the boats go to starboard of the first red and then to starboard of the next green. As we slipped we motored slowly followed closely by Lazy Otter. The second fishing boat moved the end of the net to let us pass and gave us a friendly wave on our way. We were out of the harbour just before daybreak. 


The sea was slightly more lumpy than the previous day and we were expecting the wind to pick up. Occasionally it looked like this might happen sooner than expected. However, we managed to motor at 5-6 knots all the way to the entrance to Baiona. We both felt relief as the coast gradually increased in size with the mountains of Galicia taking over from the low cliffs of the Portuguese coast.

We decided we wanted to spend a couple of nights at anchor to rest and recuperate before making any plans. As the wind was favourable and the seas had settled in the lee of the Isles de Cies we sailed across to Ensenada de Limens our last stop the previous year before leaving Galicia. We had a great sail before dropping our anchor in the bay. We were the only yacht, the sun was shining and the sea was clear.

The following day we had a restful day at anchor with a lovely walk up through the woods for a view across to Ensenada de Barra and the Islas de Cies. On our return we found the one cafe nearby for a beer before I had my second dip of the year in clear cold water.


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