Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

25 th to 26 th of April 2018 - Cangas

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Cangas.
Distance : 4 miles

We had requested a permit to visit the Islas de Cies today and tomorrow but the winds were forecast to be quite strong overnight so we decided to wait for better weather. Since it was time we picked up some provisions we moved into the bay to the east of where we are and anchored off the town of Cangas. This took us all of an hour and we had the anchor down just outside the marina by 1140. We didn't go ashore and I'm not sure why, except that having a relaxing day at anchor is good for the spirits. We had a good plan for a long walk the following day, when we made it ashore for our coffee around 1000. We then followed the road uphill, eventually finding a path up through the woods to Monte Magdalena. The walk was well worth the amazing views toward Ria Aldan, Ria Pontevedra, The Cies Islands and Ria Vigo. Once we returned to town we found a lovely bar for tapas and beer, after which we picked up groceries from the nearby supermarket.


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