Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

23 rd to 24 th of August 2016 - Kenmore River via The Skelligs

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Sneem Harbour.
Distance : 37 miles


We set the alarm for 7am. It was a lovely sunny morning and the ferry had just started running as we got the ropes ready to slip. There was a little group of turnstones on the pontoon who seemed totally oblivious to us preparing the boat. There was no wind but we were happy to motor in the sunshine via The Skelligs to get a closer look, especially of the Gannetry on Little Skellig.


There was still a lot of swell left over from the recent gales which formed a mist on the cliffs as the waves broke. We had decided to go to the Skelligs on our way around to the Kenmore River. There were lots of trip boats which had come from Port Magee as well as squadrons of gannets flying overhead, so that helped with the navigation!

Little Skellig Great Skellig with steps and  monastery   



We eventually headed up along the north shore of the Kenmare River, surfing on the swell and surrounded by beautiful mountains and trees. It has to be one of the most spectacular bays in south west Ireland. We headed toward Sneem Harbour, which is actually about 2 miles from Sneem, and found a visitors mooring. The first one appeared to have a fishing pot attached to it so we picked up another next to a very modern  French boat. It was a lovely sunny evening with beautiful views south across the bay.

The following day we went ashore. We could have gone by tender to Sneem, but, as the river dries we hadn't timed it well. Instead we walked along a country road and then the ring of Kerry, risking our lives competing with cars and lorries. We also had two bags of rubbish in our rucksacks, which we could apparently dispose of at the quay in Sneem. Seem was pretty and full of cafes and shops. (And a few coaches). But we couldn't find anywhere to get rid of our rubbish. We had the most delicious open smoked salmon sandwich. In the evening I went for a row in the harbour and we had the full Milky Way experience! The views of the mountains across Kenmore Bay were stunning and changed all the time with the clouds and sunshine.

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