Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

23 rd to 24 th of July 2016 - Sandycove Bay

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Sandycove Bay.
Distance : 16 miles

We decided it was time to anchor. It was drizzly and foggy, not unusual for Ireland. I donned full oilies for the first time this year. Andy managed to avoid it by hiding under the spray hood. We sailed gently out to sea. The wind was south westerly which meant we would be tacking. However, we only had about 15 miles to go so it was lovely just to see what the weather held. As it was the fog slowly lifted, though not before we had been able to use out new electric fog horn several times. Eventually the wind also increased and we were able to make at least 6 knots as we headed toward Kinsale Harbour. Rather than going in to the harbour itself we decided to go and anchor in behind Sandycove Island, just west of the entrance. The sun came out and we had a lovely evening at anchor. 


We spent Sunday as one should should spend Sundays, relaxing and doing a few odd jobs. We also headed off on an adventure in the tender, circumnavigating the island. We didn't feel brave enough to swim like many people. Sandy cove Island is clearly a popular nesting sight for gulls of all sorts, as well as many curlews further up the creek. the cliffs were full of caves, which apparently become more numerous as one heads south toward the Old Head of Kinsale. We will be giving this headland a wide berth when we head west as, like Portland Bill, it has a tidal race which causes big overfalls and strong currents.



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