Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

25 th of July 2016 - Kinsale

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Kinsale Harbour.
Distance : 3 miles

We wished anchor around 10 am and motored into Kindle Harbour passing Charles Fort. We last visited Charles Fort by land in the pouring rain, so it was good to see it with a bit of sunshine. We had intended to anchor up river, but the harbour master suggested we take a visitors mooring, both of which were free. In less than an hour we were on the mooring. We then went ashore, had lunch and picked up some supplies. The current was quite strong so we ferry glided across to the slipway. On the way back the tide had gone out leaving us with no slipway. We managed to drop the dinghy over the edge, I very nearly ended up in the water alongside. Andy rowed us against the current back to the boat and we decided against going ashore again to look for some internet.

CHARLES FORT C17th century

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