Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

24 th to 26 th of May 2018 - A rainy interlude

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Cedeira.
Distance : 33 miles

We left our anchorage at 0800, closely followed by a large ship which overtook us just before the breakwater. There wasn't much wind and it was coming from the north east so we motored into it. The seas were a bit bouncy as we headed up around the top of Spain and the swell was also coming from the north east. Once we got to the harbour mouth, the wind picked up and we sailed toward Cedeira. We anchored along with two other yachts outside the fishing boats and mooring buoys. It was nicely sheltered, however it was grey and the forecast for the next few days was for northeasterly wind and rain so we decided to wait here for more favourable winds. During the afternoon and evening we watched a number of bottlenose dolphins playing in the harbour. They would disappear for a while and then we would hear the sound of their breath nearby. The little ones occasionally leapt out of the water. They returned the following morning, along with the rowing boats out for training sessions.


We went ashore for an explore. The town was lovely with a nice meandering river and baby ducks. It was very quiet but we managed to find a lovely restaurant for lunch and visited a small fishing museum. No one else was there and the chap had to switch the lights on especially for us. It only cost 1€ each which was a bargain. The following day it rained and rained all day. The dolphins returned for a short while, but it was too wet even for them.

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