Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

27 th of May 2018 - Around the top

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Viveiro.
Distance : 33 miles

Overnight the wind had shifted as forecast so we left the bay after breakfast. For the first couple of hours the wind was behind us but wasn't really strong enough to stop the sails spilling the wind with the swell. However, as we approached Cape Ortegal the wind picked up and we were able to turn off the engine and sail the rest of the way past the most northerly point of Spain. It was another grey day but there was no rain and occasionally the sun shone on the dramatic cliffs and the mountains further inland. Now that we are east of Cape Ortegal there should be a greater chance of getting favourable winds with some west in them and the swell should decrease a little. We spent one night at anchor off the beach.

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