Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

26 th to 30 th of July 2017 - Ria de Arousa

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Pobra do CaramiƱal, Punta Caballo, Varadoiro do Xufre and Ladeira do Chazo.
Distance : 28 miles

As we like to keep moving on we headed out of Ria de Muros and into the next Ria, to meet up with friends who have been living onboard for the past couple of years. They also have an Oyster 435, called Modus Vivendi. We weighed anchor around 1000 and motored, hoping for some wind. As we left the shelter of the headland it arrived. We had a fantastic sail up the Ria de Arousa on a beam reach, the best angle of sail for Speedwell. We decided to make for Pobra do Caramñal where there was a large expanse of beach and there were just a few other yachts at anchor. After tidying up we went a shore, where Andy picked up some groceries from the supermarket next to the beach and I had an early evening swim. Later on board we saw a pod of dolphins sailing slowly by, taking advantage of the fish around the viveiros (mussel rafts).

The following day, after a leisurely start, we motored across the bay to anchor just below the lighthouse at Punta Caballo. This involved negotiating loads of viveiros in the fog and rain, before finding a fairly deep patch of water to drop our anchor. That evening we had arranged to be picked up off the beach by Maureen and Bob on Modus. We were taken to their boat in the Xufre boatyard, where we drank too much wine and then went to a restaurant with fantastic sea food. Andy and I then walked the mile or so back to our beach and rowed to Speedwell in the dark. 

The following day we rested at anchor and then headed around the corner where we rafted up on Modus for a day. The boatyard were very kind to let us stay and Maureen took me to the supermarket in the car provided by the boatyard for this purpose. We then had more drinks in the evening and mussels on Speedwell. When we left the next day, we took the opportunity to take action photos of Speedwell and Modus.      

 We had one more night at anchor in the Ria de Arousa and then decided it was time for us to move on.


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