Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

28 th of August 2018 - Lundy Island

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Landing Bay.
Distance : 52 miles

Along with several other yachts we were up at first light. The harbour gate opened at 0530 and we were out of the harbour by 0600. Once over Doom Bar we got the sails up but the wind was quite light and coming from behind so we had to motor sail. We had a favourable tide for a couple of hours but then it was against us for the rest of the trip. We left the other boats as they headed along the coast since we were on a more northerly course toward Lundy. Lundy Island appeared on the horizon by about 0900. The sea was still a bit bouncy from the recent strong winds and it was pretty overcast.

We motored around the south east end of Lundy and the sea calmed down since the anchorage was well sheltered from the west. The Oldenburg was on the pier waiting to return the day trippers back to the mainland. We set our anchor under the watchful gaze of a large grey seal and were ready to go ashore by 1500. After carrying our tender up the slipway we walked up the hill to visit The Marisco Tavern for a pint and to pay our landing fee of £6 a person. We then went for a walk around the south end of the island which gave us fantastic views toward Devon and Wales and of Speedwell at anchor. We returned to the Tavern for supper. By the time we got back to our tender it was high water so we didn't have far to carry it. Unfortunately the swell was quite a lot for our little tender and going beam on so we nearly got swamped. However, once Andy was in and had the oars ready I jumped in on top of him and he rowed like the cappers. We got away from the shore and it was then easy rowing. The seal was back watching us. It was slightly rolly over night but nothing compared to some of our experiences this year.


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