Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

31 st of August 2016 - Schull

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Schull Harbour.
Distance : 3 miles

We left our anchorage for Schull around 10:20 and headed round the corner to Schull. We were anchored in the middle of the bay by 11:10. Not sure exactly how many miles we did as the log was jammed again. The pilot book said we could anchor close south east of the pier. Unfortunately the area was full of private moorings and there was a buoyed fairway, so we couldn't get too close. As it was going to be quite windy we needed to put out a fair amount of scope on our anchor chain so needed plenty of swinging room. Anyway we went ashore in the tender tying up at the very congested pontoon behind the pier. We were finally able to dispose of all of our rubbish at the Schull Watersport centre. We also got rid of the glass recycling and found somewhere to replace our two empty gas cylinders, so we were all set and didn't need to provision with cold food. There was also a very nice pancake restaurant for lunch and a teashop for cake.


The wind did pick up during the evening and was forecast to go south again so we made a passage plan to take us between Clear Island and Sherkin Island to Baltimore the following day.

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