Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

18 th to 19 th of June 2018 - Bilbao

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Bilbao.

We called up the water taxi from the local yacht club and went to catch the bus to Bilbao. We just took a few overnight things so we could walk around the city easily. Our hotel was expecting us and gave is a great welcome. The room was lovely but very noisy as it was near a main road. We spent a couple of days eating pinchos, a local snack on bread a bit like tapas. We had pre-booked our tickets for the Guggenheim and spent most of my birthday there.



Bilbao was an interesting town, but after walking from one end to the other we were finally exhausted so returned to Speedwell. When we got back to the boat we found that the swell was coming in to the harbour so had a lively night on the buoy. The wind was coming from the north east so not good for a Biscay crossing just yet. We had to decide where we wanted to go next as we needed to leave Castro Urdiales to get some sleep.

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