Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

28 th of May 2018 - Ribadeo

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Ribadeo.
Distance : 34 miles

We left the bay at around 0920. We had been joined by another boat which left just before us. I noticed they were hanging around just across the bay and looking more closely saw the dolphins playing around their boat. They eventually disappeared and the boat drove off. However, as we started the engine and weighed our anchor the dolphins appeared, making for our boat. Again it was a group of small and large bottlenose dolphins. They eventually got bored of us so we left them feeding off the beach.


As we headed east out of the bay the cliffs reduced in size and the surrounding countryside appeared to level off. We made our way under engine, again there was no wind, and entered Ribadeo where we found a berth in the marina. It is a very shallow harbour and we had arrived on a spring tide so there wasn't enough depth for us to anchor and be able to get out early the following morning. There were also reports that the channels move around a fair bit and since it is early in the season we decided not to risk it. We had a nice walk around Ribadeo. It is a lovely quiet town with a family feel. The children had just finished school and were playing in the park across from where we sat having an early evening glass of wine.

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